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Skills Workshops

ASSET Course

The Australian and New Zealand Surgical Skills Education and Training (ASSET) course provides an educational package of generic surgical skills required by surgical Trainees in the Australian and New Zealand context. ASSET is compulsory and must be completed before the end of SET1.

CCrISP Course

The Care of the Critically Ill Surgical Patient (CCrISP) course assists trainees in developing simple, useful skills for managing critically ill patients, and promotes the coordination of multidisciplinary care where appropriate. This course is compulsory and must be completed before the end of SET1.

EMST Course

The EMST Course is a two and half day intensive course in the management of injury victims in the first 1-2 hours following injury. Trauma is a major killer of young people in Australia and New Zealand. Trainees must complete the EMST Course before the end of SET2.

CLEAR Course

The CLEAR course assists surgeons in the learning of evidence based surgical practice. Trainees must complete this course before the end of SET3. The Australasian Urological Foundation recognises the importance of this course, and has generously agreed to reimburse the registration fee for trainees who attend the course whilst a SET Urology trainee.  To access this reimbursement, trainees are required to send a copy of their course receipt for payment to the Education and Training Manager.

Introductory Skills Workshop

This workshop provides trainees with an introduction to common urological procedures. Trainees also participate in a Laser Safety Course and Fluoroscopy Course.

All trainees must complete the courses above by the end of the SET level highlighted below:






Introductory Skills Workshop    


Annual Scientific Meeting (USANZ ASM)

Each year, the USANZ holds its Annual Scientific Meeting (usually in April). The attendance requirements are outlined below:

SET 1 Encouraged to attend a scientific meeting (e.g College ASC, Registrar Paper Day, USANZ ASM)
SET 2 Expected to attend a conference or Scientific Meeting (e.g College ASC, Registrar Paper Day, USANZ ASM)
SET3-SET5 Mandatory attendance at USANZ ASM
May attend USANZ ASM or another urological meeting (conditional upon leave approval from training post)

Trainee Week

A week of intense education and interaction is conducted for trainees in November each year.  The location of this meeting rotates annually.  This meeting is compulsory for all SET2-SET5 trainees.

Section Meetings

Every year, each Section holds at least one Section Meeting (usually in the latter part of the year). The attendance requirements are outlined below:  

SET 1 Encouraged to the relevant Section meeting of USANZ
SET 2 Expected to attend the relevant Section meeting of USANZ
SET3-SET5 Required to attend the relevant Section Meeting of USANZ AND present a paper each year.

Education Programmes

Some Sections have established a structured and regular education programme (e.g. meetings, Journal Club or Skills Lab sessions). The Chair, Sectional TA&E Committee will provide trainees with further details including attendance and presentation requirements.

Requests for leave to not attend Section or other educational meetings must be obtained prospectively from the Chair, Sectional TA&E Committee. Non attendance under any other circumstances may impact on a trainee’s progress in training.

A trainee’s day-to-day education is provided by their hospital post.  This will include tutorials, uro-radiology meetings, uro-pathology meetings, journal club meetings and quality assurance meetings. Trainees should contact the Training Supervisor at their hospital for details of the local programme.

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