Surgical Science (Generic) Examination

The Surgical Science (Generic) Examination consists of:

  • a 20 question Generic Spot Test Anatomy based question paper
  • an 80 question Generic multiple choice question (MCQ) Anatomy based question paper
  • a 120 question Generic MCQ Pathology/Physiology based question paper...

Clinical Examination

The emphasis of the Clinical Examination is on the application of basic science knowledge and understanding and clinical practice relevant to all forms of surgery. Trainees spend 5 minutes at each of 16 assessed stations....

Surgical Science (Urology) Examination

The Surgical Sciences (Urology) Examination can be undertaken by any SET Urology Trainee who has successfully passed the GSSE & CE and must be successfully completed before the end of SET4....

Fellowship Examination

The Fellowship Examination is administered by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. Information regarding examination dates and application forms can be obtained via the RACS website....

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