The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) is the principal body for the training and education of surgeons in Australia and New Zealand. Accreditation is given by the Australian Medical Council and Medical Council of New Zealand to the RACS and standards for education and training are established by the RACS.

The Board in Urology of the RACS has oversight for the conduct of the training program in Urology across Australia and New Zealand, reporting to the Board of Surgical Education and Training and the Council of the RACS.

USANZ collaborates with the RACS as an agent of the College, to administer the training program in Australia and manage the Board in Urology, otherwise known as the Training, Accreditation and Education Committee (TA&E Committee).

The SET Program in Urology is designed to improve the quality and efficiency of surgical education and training. It enables early selection into specialty training, and streamlines the training experience.

The SET Program in Urology aims to select, train and educate doctors with the ability to acquire the necessary surgical skills and competencies to become excellent urologists. The Board of Urology looks for potential, recognizing that past behaviour predicts future performance. The Board promotes ethical values and principles, and supports and encourages continued learning throughout a professional career.


The SET Program in Urology (for trainees who commenced prior to 2016) is a minimum of six years. 

The nSET Program in Urology (for trainees who commenced in 2016 onwards) is a minimum of five years.

SET Program nSET Program Description



Introduction to surgical training
SET 2 nSET 1 Acquire more advanced general surgical skills
SET 3 nSET 2 1st year of advanced clinical urology training
SET 4 nSET 3 2nd year of advanced clinical urology training
SET 5 nSET 4 3rd year of advanced clinical urology training
SET 6 nSET5 Senior Registrar level, progressing to independent clinical practice
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