Prizes & Grants

Keith Kirkland & Villis Marshall Awards

The Keith Kirkland/Villis Marshall Session at the USANZ ASM is quarantined for presentations by SET Urology Trainees. All abstracts submitted by SET Urology Trainees for presentation at the USANZ ASM are assessed by the Board of Urology to determine whether they are worthy of presentation at the Keith Kirkland/Villis Marshall Session.

The Keith Kirkland Award is for the best presentation of a study with research endpoints having a direct clinical impact/related to individual patient care and the Villis Marshall Award is for the best presentation of a study undertaken by a full time research trainee or a study in which epidemiological, economic or basic science/translational content are the primary outcomes examined The podium presentation, scientific content, and discussion constitute judging for the awards. 

To be eligible, Trainees must:

  • be a Trainee Member of the USANZ;
  • be available to present the research at the USANZ Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM).

Recipients of the Keith Kirkland and Villis Marshall Awards each receive $1000 from USANZ as well as a AUF Travelling Fellowship to the value of $2500 to present their work overseas. We extend our gratitude to the AUF for its generosity with this award.

International Trainee Exchange Program 

The EAU (European Association of Urology), the UAA (Urological Association of Asia) and the CUA (Canadian Association of Urology) sponsored Trainee Exchange Program is open to all SET 6 trainees.

  • EAU - EUREP,  held in Prague in early September 2017.
  • UAA - Urology Residents' Course to be held in conjunction with the UAA Congress in Hong Kong in early August 2017
  • CUA - Canadian Residents Programme and the CUA ASM held in Toronto from 24 June to 27 June 2017.

The successful recipients will be provided with a financial subsidy (sponsored by Ipsen) to assist with travel costs. 

Click here for information regarding the application process.

AUA Residents Bowl  

The AUA has invited USANZ to nominate a SET6 trainee to participate in the AUA Residents Bowl which will be held during the AUA Meeting in Boston from 12-16 May 2017. The successful recipient will be provided with a financial subsidy (sponsored by Ipsen) to assist with travel costs. 

Click here for information regarding the application process.

KARL STORZ IRCAD Grant for Trainees 

KARL STORZ offers two SET4 trainees the opportunity to attend the Advanced Course in Urological Surgery (or urological related course) at IRCAD in Taiwan.

The terms of this offer are as follows:

  • Each grant is to the value of a maximum of $4000 and covers the cost of flights (economy), accommodation for the duration of the course and registration fees and transfers (airpor to hotel and hotel to IRCAD)
  • Other expenses will be the responsibility of the recipients
  • KARL STORZ will organise flights, transfers, accomodation and registration

KARL STORZ will organise flights, accommodation and registration. To be eligible to apply, a trainee must:

  • be a SET 4 Trainee (at the time of the course), and
  • be a financial Trainee Member of USANZ, and
  • not have received an overall rating of Borderline or Unsatisfactory or been subject to a period of probation, extension or other disciplinary action at any time during SET training, and
  • have adhered to the administrative requirements of the SET program including but not limited to the timely submission of assessment reports.

Click here for further information regarding the application process.

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