Surgical Science (Urology) Examination

The Surgical Science (Urology) Examination can be undertaken by any SET Urology Trainee who has successfully passed the GSSE & CE.

The Surgical Science (Urology) Examination must be successfully completed as follows:

  • Before the end of SET4 for SET Trainees (who commenced the SET Program prior to 2016)
  • Before the end of nSET3 for nSET Trainees (who commenced the nSET Program in or after 2016)

The Surgical Science (Urology) Examination will be 2.5 hours and will consist of 120 MCQs, as follows:

  • 40 will be Anatomy (including embryology and imaging),
  • 40 will be Physiology (including laser, diathermy, radiation and physics) 
  • 40 will be Pathology (including pharmacology, microbiology, infection, immunology and statistics).

The questions will be based on the basic sciences but have a clear relationship to urologic practice.

The Urology SSE is offered twice a year, in June and October.

RACS Policy - Surgical Sciences Examination in Urology

Syllabus and Reading List - for candidates sitting in June 2016

Syllabus and Reading List - for candidates sitting in October 2016 onwards

Sample Questions

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