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It is recommended that SET Urology trainees have read General Urology edited by Donald R. Smith before starting nSET2 and have Campbells Urology for nSET2 onwards.

Upon commencement of the training program all trainees are provided with Hinmans Atlas of Urologic Surgery. The Board of Urology would like to acknowledge the generosity of Mundipharma in their support of this educational resource.

In general, reading should then be widely undertaken as guided by the curriculum, regional education programs and clinical cases encountered in day to day work.

AUA Updates

USANZ arranges an annual online subscription to the American Urological Association Updates for each trainee in nSET2 - nSET5. 

The Board of Urology would like to acknowledge the generosity of AstraZeneca in their support of this educational resources.

Modular Curriculum

The Urology training curriculum is contained within the Modular Curriculum Portfolio. The objective of the Portfolio is to document transparently the expectations and objectives of the SET Program in Urology. It is also hoped it will encourage the steady accumulation of knowledge throughout training. The Portfolio is a working document ie it may change over time as scientific and social advances are made.

The Portfolio is subject based and includes a variety of learning objectives, as well as reading lists and educational guides.

Trainees are expected to work progressively through the Portfolio from nSET2 onwards to the time of sitting the Fellowship examination. Each trainee is expected to demonstrate, they are following a structured personal educational program.

To address every topic within the Portfolio at an introductory and then at an advanced level during a two year study period requires addressing six topics per week.  Many are minor or technical and can be addressed in no more than five minutes during a ward round, an outpatient clinic, or an operating list. Major ones may require an organised teaching session.

Trainees should carry the booklet on a regular basis, and avail themselves of every learning opportunity using the Portfolio as a guide.

The Portfolio is designed to be a learning tool for all trainees and supervisors and should be used for education and personal development on a regular basis. Though completion is not a mandatory requirement, it should guide trainees through the curriculum, and act as a testament to their commitment to the learning process.

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