Coverage of USANZ ASM 2024 on GU Cast

We are thrilled to share some coverage of the USANZ ASM via the GU Cast Conference Highlights.

GU Cast is an independent podcast about prostate, kidney, bladder, testis, and penile cancer, hosted by urologists Prof Declan Murphy and Dr Renu Eapen at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne.

The ASM Highlights episode includes content from Robert Nam, Paul Anderson, Nathan Lawrentschuk, Alan McNeill, Axel Merseburger, Dixon Woon, Michael Chong, Jo Cresswell, Anthony Ta, and Shane La Bianca.

The audio is available wherever you normally get your podcasts, or can be accessed directly here. Alternatively, you can watch the episode as a video file on YouTube.

This is a great way to relive the insights, debates, discussions, and ideas that made up our 2024 ASM, and to hear from some experts that you might have missed during the conference.

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