Survey: Prevention of Recurrent Kidney Stones

Dr Derek Hennessey and Miss Saule O'Brien at Mercy University Hospital, Cork, Ireland, are currently investigating GP understanding and management of recurrent kidney stones.

As part of this research, they are recruiting international GPs as well as practitioners with an interest in urology to complete a brief survey. The survey is entitled "Knowledge, attitudes, and practice patterns among General Practitioners in the prevention of recurrent kidney stones; with a focus on dietary modulation."

The survey comprises of 15 questions and takes approximately three minutes to complete.

The project and questionnaire has been approved by the Clinical Research Ethics Committee of the Cork Teaching Hospitals and University College Cork. All responses are anonymous and no identifying information will be collected. Only those directly involved with the project will have access to the data.  

To participate, access the survey.

For more information on the survey please email Saule O'Brien directly.

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