USANZ Communities Welcomes Its First Members

Last Friday, the Society launched USANZ Communities our new Members-only website to share information, resources and experience. The site will take on the functions previously performed by NetWit which is in the process of being de-commissioned.

For the launch of USANZ Communities, we have established our first community, open to all USANZ Members – UroChat.

In the time since launch, the Society has been pleased to see many active NetWit users log-in to the new site and transition to the new platform. The new website is a significant advancement of the previous system with additional functionality that will help members to better communicate, connect and collaborate now, and into the future.

The Society, once again, invites all members to join USANZ Communities and experience the new platform and functionality for themselves. Visit the USANZ Communities website.

Important Information about Joining USANZ Communities:

  • Members must log-in using the email address connected to their USANZ Membership (not the email address used for NetWit, if different).
  • The USANZ Communities website is independent from the main USANZ website. Therefore, you will need to set a password for the USANZ Communities website to gain access.
  • Your FIRST LOG-IN MUST BE DONE ON A DESKTOP COMPUTER. Subsequent log-ins can be on mobile devices.
  • You must configure your email preferences to be able to receive posts by email.

Read 5 Steps to Getting Started on USANZ Communities.

Read about the features of USANZ Communities.

Please, remember that the office will be available to help you through the transition, any initial queries can be directed via email to the USANZ Secretary.

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