USANZ in the Media: King Charles BPH - 2 February

The world remains interested in details of King Charles's BPH. As the peak body for urological surgeons in Australia and New Zealand, this is an important opportunity for USANZ to increase awareness of prostate disease and help to explain the procedure to the public.

The USANZ media release on this subject has continued to receive significant attention. Following on from the syndicated newspaper articles and Channel Nine News story (as reported on in a previous USANZ announcement), there has been several more mentions of USANZ in the media:


In addition to this coverage, USANZ members contributed to 'explainer' articles that appeared in major Australian publications soon after Buckingham Palace first released their announcement on January 18. Professor Henry Woo spoke to ABC News while Professor Declan Murphy and Adjunct Professor Peter Heathcote (past president of USANZ) spoke at length to the Sydney Morning Herald. It's great to see our members responding so quickly to global issues that affect our field.

Some links to the articles above may require subscriptions for full access. Ongoing media coverage of this topic as the King recovers will reported in future editions of UroNews.

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