Impact of COVID-19 Restrictions: Advice for USANZ Members

Advice on the Impact of COVID-19 Restrictions for USANZ Members from Avant Mutual.

Avant Mutual understands that USANZ Members are increasingly concerned about the financial impact the Government announcement on elective surgery is causing and that medical indemnity insurance premiums are one of the costs from which members are seekign relief.  One of the factors on which Avant Mutual medical indemnity insurance premiums are based, is the member’s annualised billings.

Avant Mutual will shortly be sending their members a policy schedule outlining their current policy information. If anything has changed significantly from what is noted in your current policy documents, Please contact Avant Mutual via the Member Services Hotline (1800 128 268) or email to amend your details. If your annualised billings have changed significantly, this could result in a reduction in your premium.

Further information and assistance for doctors, along with responses to questions, raised by other Avant Members (including the impact on billings and change in work) can be found on the Avant Mutual COVID-19 Resource page.

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