PCOR-ANZ Quality Indicator Report: Seeking Member Feedback

Recently PCOR-ANZ developed a National Quality Indicator Report to be sent to participating hospitals and urologists. These reports provide results on a core set of indicators developed by clinicians and researchers.

USANZ supports the PCOR-ANZ effort to improve quality of care and endorses participation by its members.

USANZ is keen to engage with clinicians, while the reports are being developed, to understand their views on the reports (particularly as they concern ‘outliers’) and to help to ensure that the reports are addressing the needs of our Members. The Society is keen to understand how these reports might, or might not, inform individual practice. We also hope to learn clinicians’ views on a targeted mentor program.

To these ends, the Society invites our Members to participate in a phone interview to better understand any concerns or suggestions you may haveWe are actively seeking urologists from across Australia and New Zealand to participate in this study. Correspondence in writing, either by letter or email is also encouraged.

Many Members will have received reports before, but for others the reports will be new and unfamiliar. Participation is encouraged by any Member including both those who do, and do not, contribute to the registry; and, both those who do, and do not, currently receive reports. Interviews and analysis will be conducted by experienced researchers who are not urologists and all interviews will be confidential. 

To learn more about what is involved or to participate in an interview (which takes approximately 30 minutes) please email Dr Maggie Kirkman from Monash University.

Study participants will receive a small honorarium, to compensate them for their time, after the interview. 

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