Summary: Stakeholder Webinar Regarding MBS Changes

Karen McKertich, ANZAUS Chair provides the following summary from the Stakeholder Webinar Regarding 1 November 2020 MBS Changes, held on Tuesday 22 September 2020 with the Department of Health.

The Department of Health is working to its schedule of having the changes enacted in the MBS Update on 1 November 2020.

The “3 item number rule” (ie claiming of a maximum of 3 item numbers per surgeon per procedure) which informed much of the planning and decision making for the Urology MBS review has been abandoned by the Department likely due to impracticality.

  • The current rule continues to apply of unlimited number co-claiming (with the associated co-claiming restrictions)
  • The Department is still keen for an item number to represent a “complete medical service”

The changes are already available online. The Factsheet - Changes to Urology Services and Reference Guide - Changes to Urology Services are available on the MBS website.

  • Now is the time for individual members to raise their concerns, queries etc with the Department before the formal MBS changes are enacted on 1/11. 
  • While the Department is inviting feedback, further changes (apart from minor wording changes or clarifications) will be difficult to achieve.
  • Recent feedback received indicated the TRUS biopsy reduction in remuneration (now 50% of existing fee; new transperineal item number is 20% more than the old item number) was not up for negotiation. 
  • Please email the Department of Health with your comments, queries or complaints.

Several of the Private Health Insurance banding category changes, requested eg for FUDS 11919 and bladder biopsy 36840, appear to have been accepted. View screenshot from webinar.

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