Communicating Ways to Navigate Prostate Cancer

The Society encourages our Members to contribute to the Navigate Clinical Trial being coordinated by the The Navigate Research Team at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Navigate is an online decision aid for men who are diagnosed with low-risk or favourable intermediate risk prostate cancer, and their partners.  Its purpose is to assist in the difficult decision-making process for these men, who are often overwhelmed when faced with multiple treatment options. The Navigate decision aid is designed to lower the likelihood of distress and decisional regret.

This is an Australia-wide initiative and the research team are currently recruiting participants for the study. Participants must meet the following selection criteria:

  • A diagnosis of low- or favourable intermediate-risk (or localised) prostate cancer within the last 3 months;
  • Still deciding on treatment options;
  • Eligible for Active Surveillance as one of those treatment options;
  • Live in Australia and aged 18 years or over; and
  • Have access to the Internet and ability to complete the study requirements.

The trial randomizes men to usual care (via PCFA website) or the Navigate website.  The trial will investigate whether the Navigate website improves understanding and reduces distress for men diagnosed with prostate cancer who are potential candidates for active surveillance.

The level of involvement for trial participants (and their partners) is minimal. Participants will be asked to complete 4 online questionnaires over a 6 month period.  Each questionnaire will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. No travel is required with patients participating from their own homes online. Recruitment and follow-up are conducted via email and phone.

Urological surgeons and other urology health professionals will retain management of their patients referred to the trial which can be done directly via the Navigate website by email referral. Clinician confirmation is required for all participants to ensure that they are eligible.

The easiest way to refer a patient is to directly email the Navigate Project Team confirming their eligibility and providing their details - patient’s name, contact details and confirm that they were diagnosed within the last 3 months, are suitable for active surveillance and advising of their Gleason score and PSA level. Study staff will then complete the recruitment process. The patient will then make a follow up appointment with their doctor to confirm their intention for management of their prostate cancer.

Alternatively, patients can be encouraged to self-refer by registering online via the Navigate website.

Prof Mark Frydenberg is a co-investigator of this trial. View the other members of the project team.

The Navigate Clinical Trial was also recently discussed on Declan Murphy’s GUCast featuring Matthew Roberts, Alan White and Natalie Richards from the Navigate Project Team.
Access the podcast.

Download the Information Postcard for Patients and their Partners.
Download the Information Flyer for Patients and their Partners.

For more information on the Navigate Clinical Trial visit the Navigate website or email the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.


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