President's Message of Support for Ukraine

Dear Colleagues

I write in support of our urological colleagues in Ukraine and the wider community of their nation enduring an unimaginable disaster where a peaceful democracy has been invaded by neighbouring Russia without concern for the destruction of civilian infrastructure, including healthcare facilities and most importantly harming of human life. Peace-loving innocent people in beautiful cities and towns across Ukraine are having to endure unimaginable hardship and witnessing events around them which will scar them for life.

We extend our support to the people of Ukraine at this difficult time in their history and especially to our urological colleagues and their families many of whom are continuing to work to do what they were trained for, despite personal risk.

I wanted to lend our supportive hand to President Lisovyi of the Ukraine Urological Association and the wider Ukrainian Urological community. View his recent address. I encourage you to watch this video.

We have never had to witness anything like this here. Let us do what we can as individuals to support our Ukrainian friends and family in any way we can. You may wish to donate via the Red Cross or your preferred charity at this time in support.

Yours sincerely,

A/Prof Prem Rashid
USANZ President

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