Avant Early Career Research Program 2023

Avant offers more support to early career researchers

Avant has recently launched the 2023 round of Early Career Research Grants, formerly known as the Doctor-in-Training Research Scholarship Programs. This program supports early career doctors to undertake research and help promote better patient outcomes.

In 2023, Avant will offer up to $450,000 in funding across a total of 29 grants and a skills development program. Avant interns, resident medical officers and doctor in training members are eligible to apply. For full eligibility criteria, please download the Terms and Conditions.

Grants and microgrants

In addition to the full-time, part-time and short-term grants, the award categories include a $5,000 microgrant. Ideal for doctors getting started in research, microgrants are available for small projects such as pre-clinical trial work or pilot research to test a concept and include one-on-one coaching from previous grant recipients.

Skills development program

The skills development program will provide access to the Stanford Online Medical Statistics Program, which introduces statistical concepts and techniques commonly utilised in medical research.

Application process

For further information, please download the Avant Early Career Research Information Pack.

Submit your application via the Avant Early Career Research Program Website.

Applications close on Wednesday 7 June 2023.

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