Avant and Avant Foundation Grants 2023

Applications are now open for the 2023 Avant Grants and Avant Foundation Grants. The Avant Foundation and Avant Grants seek to support initiatives that improve quality, safety, and professionalism in practice. Avant aims to fund research and quality improvement projects that will improve the healthcare system and leave a lasting legacy for the Australian community.

Priority research topics for 2023 include:

  • Doctors’ health and wellbeing
  • Telehealth and virtual care
  • Fragmentation of care
  • Medical leadership/quality improvement leadership
  • Understanding patient complaints
  • Prescribing, including drugs of dependence and e-prescribing

Avant Grants

Avant Grants provide financial support to individual members who are responsible for the design, execution and management of their own research project.

Avant Grants are open to:

  • Medical practices that hold a practice medical indemnity policy with Avant Insurance Limited.
  • Medical practices that hold a current subscription to PracticeHub and
  • Medical practitioners who hold a professional indemnity insurance policy with Avant Insurance Limited (excluding Intern/RMO and Doctor in Training policies) in a practitioner category of practice.

Avant will preference member projects aligned to their current focus areas:

  • Quality improvement initiatives in the clinical setting
  • Education initiatives that focus on quality, safety and professionalism
  • Initiatives that develop and support leadership capability
  • Academic research that drives a reduction in medico-legal and clinical rise

Avant Foundation Grant

Avant Foundation Grant applications are open to entities that are charities within the meaning of the Charities Act 2013 (Cth) and are endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipients (DGR) (Charity Criteria).

For more information about applying for an Avant Grant or Avant Foundation Grant, including eligibility, important dates and how to apply, access the information pack, visit the Avant website or email Avant.

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