Survey: Urologist and Urology-Trainee Perspectives on Female Pelvic Examinations

Barwon Health is running a research project looking at the perspectives of both urologists and urology SET trainees on the examination of the female pelvis within the outpatient clinical setting.

In their experience, Barwon Health has noted some male urologists and trainees avoiding female pelvic examinations in clinic rooms despite routinely performing digital rectal examinations on males. The study aims to identify the practices and associated reasons for this.

The study has been devised with two parts. The first involves a short seven question survey to outline clinician attitudes which is expected to take less than 3 minutes to complete. The second involves semi-structured interviews for participants consenting to be involved. This research has ethics approval – local reference number 22/147.

The study is open to all urologists and SET urology trainees in Victoria.

Participate Now. The survey will remain open until Sunday 10 December 2023.

For more information view the Study Participant Information or email Dr Marina Youssef, Primary Researcher on the Study.

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