Assessment Documentation

Assessment and Feedback Requirements

The following assessment and feedback documentation needs to be submitted each quarter:

Feedback Tools Basic Intermediate Advanced
Observed Patient Consultation (OPC) 2/term 2/term 2/term
Observed Surgical Performance (OSP) 2/term 2/term 2/term
Case-based Discussion (CbD) 2/term 2/term 2/term
Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) 1/stage 1/stage 1/stage
In-Training Assessment (ITA) 1/term 1/term 1/term
Logbook Summary Report (Log) 1/term 1/term 1/term


Submission Dates

The submission dates for assessment documentation are:

Quarter Due Date
Q1 2024 29 April 2024
Q2 2024 22 July 2024
Q3 2024 14 October 2024
Q4 2024 20 January 2025


Naming Conventions

The naming conventions for saving assessment documentation are:

Assessment Document Naming Conventions Example
In-training Assessment Report (ITA) Surname - ITA QX 20XX Smith - ITA  Q1 2024
Logbook Summary Surname - Log QX 20XX Smith - Log Q1 2024
Feedback Tools (FBT)* Surname - FBT Q20XX Smith - FBT Q1 2024

* Feedback Tools (FBT) comprise OPC, OSP and CbD forms. All FBT forms are to be collated/scanned and saved as one pdf document.

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