MBS Taskforce Review Update

The Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review Taskforce has finalised its review of the MBS. The process has taken five years, involved over 100 clinical committees and groups; and the hard work of more than 700 clinicians, health system experts and consumer advisers.

The Taskforce’s final advice to the Australian Government, including its recommendations, is now available on the Department of Health website. All final reports have now been published with the exception of pathology, which will be published at a later date. 

Stakeholder feedback during this process has been vital in the proces and has helped to identified the community’s healthcare needs.

The work of the Taskforce has already led to significant changes and improvements to the MBS that reflect contemporary practice. Many of the Taskforce recommendations are now with Government for consideration and the Government will respond in due course.

Changes to the MBS as a result of the recommendations will occur following the Government’s consideration of, and response to the recommendations, and discussion with the sector through Implementation Liaison Groups (ILGs).

To remain updated on the  implementation of the recommendations from the review, please subscribe to the quarterly newsletter on the MBS website.


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