USANZ Trainee Week 2020 Snapshot

USANZ Trainee Week 2020 was held from 22-25 November. 

This year, due to the pandemic, a decentralised meeting was organised with participants gathering in one of 6 hubs (over 5 time zones) which were then brought together virtually.

In total the event attracted 84 Trainees and SIMGs, 62 industry representatives, 117 speakers and examiners. In addition 540 written exam questions were completed with each question being double marked by 38 nSET4/nSET5 trainees and junior consultants.

The Society would like to thank the Scientific Committee: Michael Wines (NSW), Lydia Johns Putra (VIC), Marc Heinau (NZ), Jon-Paul Meyer (QLD), Rob Goodwin (WA) and Rick Catterwell (SA); for their collective efforts in developing and producing the event; and all of the Trainees who enthusiastically took part and contributed to such a great event.

USANZ looks forward to seeing you all again at Trainee Week 2021!

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