New Laser Device Trial for Prostate Cancer Treatment

In 2017, Medlogical Innovations, a Med Tech company led by USANZ Member Celi Varol was awarded an innovation grant from the NSW Ministry of Health to the sum of $1.375M.

The Grant was provided to establish the development and commercialisation of a novel therapy for Prostate Cancer. Over the past several years the research has culminated in the development and manufacture of a clinical device that is currently undergoing evaluation. The trial of the Focal Laser Therapy device for Prostate Cancer ablation is currently being conducted through Nepean Public Hospital. The trial is investigating the potential of treating men with intermediate risk Prostate Cancer.
The trial commenced in early 2020 and recruitment of participants for this trial has seen interest demonstrated across Australia. The eligible patients with a T2c <, Gleason 7 (ISUP 2or3), PSA <15 and MRI visible and proven cancer were included in the trial. 
The Laser device being utilised in the trial, has been developed and manufactured in Australia by the start-up Medlogical Innovations Pty Ltd, located in Sydney. It is a single transperineal needle guided therapy that targets and ablates identified Prostate Cancer lesions and surrounding margins as day only cases.

Results from the trial will be available to USANZ Members in due course, in line with TGA Guidelines.

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