RACS 2020 Surgical Workforce Census

The Society has been advised that the 2020 RACS Surgical Workforce Census will be launched in November.

The Surgical Workforce Census is a biennial survey on workforce participation and practices. All active and retired Fellows who live in Australia or New Zealand will be invited to participate in the 2020 census via email during the first week of November.

The census is an important activity to inform workforce planning and advocacy. The results help RACS to better understand the work patterns of Fellows throughout their careers, from Younger Fellows to senior surgeons. Key data collected for the census includes work patterns (employment status, hours worked, private/ public mix), characteristics of the rural and regional workforce, wellbeing and future work intentions, including retirement.

RACS will share the results from the Census with all stakeholders and publish the results on the RACS website and in the RACS newsletter, Surgical News. Previous census results are available at the Workforce and Activities Reports page of the RACS website.

The census survey will be open for the first three weeks of November.

Please direct any questions via email to Kylie Mahoney, Fellowship Services Department, RACS.

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