SET (Urology) Trainee Program Successes

The Society would like to congratulate a number of our colleagues and collaborating partners who have successfully delivered two major components of the SET (Urology) Trainee Program, over recent weeks.

First, USANZ congratulates RACS and all urology examiners on the completion of a successful fellowship exam. These exams were held under the shadow of the looming COVID-19 pandemic, where many local and international exams have been cancelled.

Due to the pandemic, the exams were held in multiple sites simultaneously with both examiners and observers on Zoom. In Urology, a number of new examiners completed updated induction methods to be exam ready. In addition, a large cohort of retired examiners was required to retrain and to be available if required.

"Producing an event like this is no small task", said Stephen Mark, USANZ President. "It is always satisfying to see such collegial cooperation undertaken so well. As with any exam, there is a lot of  additional local help required, and we are grateful for the local urologists and the marshalls that volunteered their time as well. I'd like to particularly thank Glen Wood and Anita Clarke, who deserve a huge thank-you for their combined efforts, and of course, congratulate those trainees that were successful in their exams."

Most recently, the Selection Interviews were held for the SET Program (Urology) 2021 Intake, a process which was also impacted by the pandemic.

"This was another major logistical exercise for the organisation across six sites, and very different from the format used in the past," said the President. "We have been overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm from the many members involved in the selection process, highlighting once again, the strong collegiate relationships within USANZ. I would like to acknowledge the work of the Selection Sub-Committee and thank it's members for their contribution However, it was also the considerable effort by Deborah Klein and Kirsten Isaacs, whose combined efforts in the detailed planning and coordination of more than 100 people, that ensured the smooth operation of the entire process."



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