September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

As September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, the Society would like to share some resources that may be useful for Members.

Advocacy: Updating PSA Guidelines

The USANZ Position Statement on PSA Testing is available to read online.

The USANZ Position Statement was circulated in the media earlier this year, as part of the discourse on the need for an update to PSA testing guidelines. Helen Tobler from the Medical Republic interviewed two of our Members on this topic: Weranja Ranasinghe, Deputy Leader of the USANZ Genitourinary Oncology Special Advisory Group and member of the PCFA Guidelines Committee, and Peter Heathcote, Co-chair of the National Steering Committee which is responsible for reviewing the clinical guidelines for PSA testing. Read the article online: Current PSA Guidelines Aren't Fit for Purpose

The current guidelines on PSA testing are being updated by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA).

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Resources

Each year, over 24,000 Australian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Of these men, many will experience anxiety and depression as a result of their diagnosis, and there is an increased risk of suicide death.

Despite these statistics, 72% of men do not reach out for help.

To help USANZ Members promote Prostate Cancer Awareness Month to their patients and communities the PCFA has a series of posters on prostate cancer risks, testing, and support available for download

The Long Run

USANZ Members are encouraged to take part in The Long Run this September.

The Long Run is a PCFA awareness event in which individuals can sign up to run, walk or ride 72km for men with prostate cancer. For more information, visit The Long Run website

The Long Run website also has a number of resources which may be useful for our Members.

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