Connect with the Australian Ethical Health Alliance

USANZ, as a signatory to the Alliance invites Members to connect with the Australian Ethical Health Alliance via their recently launched social media channels.

AEHA now has a presence across five social media platforms @ethicalhealthau. Connect with the Alliance on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube.

The Alliance represents approximately 1 million health professionals, employees and trainees, and 25 million consumers/patients, and aims:

  • to promote collaboration and interaction among healthcare sector organisations and those who work within them, that fosters equity and, that benefits patients, consumers, students, educators, communities, populations, healthcare systems and the healthcare sector.
  • to enhance the integrity and trustworthiness of organisations in the healthcare sector.
  • to promote public confidence and trust in healthcare sector organisations by demonstrating a shared commitment to integrity and ethics.
  • to encourage dialogue about ethics and equity in healthcare both internationally and nationally.


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