Services Australia: Update on Digital Channel Upgrades February 2022

Over the last 12 months, Services Australia has been updating its digital health and aged care channels in the Adaptors to Web Services (A2WS) Project.

Services Australia are working with software developers to: 

  • upgrade our digital health channels to web services
  • replace Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) site certificates with Provider Digital Access (PRODA). 

Services Australia acknowledges that recent events have placed additional pressures on industry, impacting their ability to transition to web services and PRODA by 13 March 2022.  

To help alleviate this, we’re renewing all Medicare and PBS PKI site certificates. This will ensure healthcare locations can continue to access our digital health channels from 13 March 2022.

What you need to know

Services Australia are communicating with health professionals and software developers about PKI renewals.

This includes:

Further communication activities are planned, including:

  • an email from PULSE+IT to some software developers
  • an email from RACGP to its members
  • a broadcast sent to users of PKI site certificates via Health Professional Online Services (HPOS)

For more information visit the Services Australia website.

Note about NASH PKI certificates
To maintain access to important digital health tools such as electronic prescribing and My Health Record, your organisation needs to ensure that your NASH PKI certificate is renewed if it is expiring on or before 13 March 2022. 

In order to complete this process, please view this short NASH PKI renewal animation which includes simple step-by-step with screenshots in PRODA and HPOS. The video is a quick and useful way to help the Organisation Maintenance Officer (OMO) for your organisation understand the steps involved. 

The Australian Digital Health Agency has developed additional resources to support you during the renewal process:

  • Webinars – Attend a webinar and be guided through the renewal process.
  • Guides – Follow the step-by-step instructions in PDF format to renew a NASH PKI certificate.
  • FAQs – Check out our frequently asked questions on NASH PKI certificate renewal.

For more information and resources, visit the Digital Health website for more information and resources.

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