Survey: Quality Indicators in Urology

The survey: Quality Indicators in Urology aims to identify, develop and standardise a set of quality clinical indicators for a clinical specialty of urology in order to improve the quality of care in urological patients and support reflective clinical practice.

A recent systematic review of the literature indicated that quality indicators in general urology are underdeveloped and significantly lack validity and reliability. Given the strong focus of measuring quality of care in uro-oncology and the subsequent lack of quality indicators in general urology, this non-identifiable survey was developed in order to propose clinical areas of priority and quality indicators that are relevant to your clinical practice, and are conducive for quality improvements, such as audit, feedback, and reflective practice. 

The survey will take between thirty minutes to one hour to complete. At the end of the survey, you will be prompted to provide your contact details if you wish to participate in the next phase of this research program, a Delphi study, in which a final set of clinical indicators will be developed following a consensus-based approach. 

The Society encourages all Members to participate in the survey in order to help shape the quality improvement processes for urological patients in Australia and internationally. 

Participate in the Survey: Quality Indicators in Urology. For additional information access the promotional flyer, or email Harvey Koh at Monash University

This research is supported by the Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre and its health and government partners as part of the broader Practice Analytics Project.

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