USANZ & ANZUNS 2023 ASM Award Recipients

At the USANZ & ANZUNS 2023 ASM in Melbourne, the following Members were recognised with these honours:

Fellow of the Society

Fellow of the Society is the highest honour that USANZ can bestow upon a Full Member, in recognition of distinguished service to the Society and practice of urology as a whole. Congratulations to this year’s deserving recipient, Dr Michael Rochford.

After graduating from the University of Sydney in 1961, Michael was awarded the FRCS in 1966 and FRACS in 1972. Of his many significant and lasting contributions to urology, he notably played a pioneering role in establishing urological services in Western Sydney; served in multiple roles in the SIU including as President; and established the Australasian Urological Foundation in 1995 which has supported generations of urologists through research grants and prestigious overseas fellowships.

On receiving this award, Michael reflected on the “wonderful journey” that has been his urological career. Michael, we thank you for your outstanding contributions and honour your legacy as Fellow of the Society.

Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand Medal

This honour is awarded in recognition of exceptional service and leadership that has been provided by Society members in at least one aspect of the Society's work over a period of years. This year, the Medal was awarded to three of our esteemed Members.

Congratulations to Professor Damien Bolton, the current USANZ Vice President, who has provided service to urology through his extensive research, clinical work, executive representation, and teaching. The Society appreciates the guidance and inspiration that Damien has provided to Trainees across the years, as well as his contributions and collaborations with international urological communities.

We want to also congratulate the second recipient of the Society Medal this year, Professor Mark Frydenberg. Mark has given exceptional service and leadership, serving in many roles including USANZ President and representing urologists in numerous committees over the years. In addition to his work as a clinician, researcher and academic, the Society acknowledges that Mark has also been a strong advocate for urological services and patients with urological cancers. 

Associate Professor Vincent Tse was the third recipient of the Society Medal, and we also congratulate him on this achievement. Vincent's diplomacy with Asia has been crucial to our international relationships and work in the female urology space. He has served as an advocate with his tireless work in functional urology and was the Female and Functional Urology SAG Chair from 2016-2022. Congratulations, Vincent!

The Daniel Christidis Scholarship

This scholarship was established to honour the memory of Daniel Christidis, a respected and valued SET1 Trainee Member of USANZ. To commemorate Daniel's dedication to research, this scholarship is intended to assist a current USANZ Trainee to present their research at an international urological meeting.

The recipient of this year's scholarship, Anne Hong, was accepted to present at the 28th Annual European Association of Urology Congress in March 2023. The title of Anne's abstract is: "How does intrarenal pressures affect the nephron? The effect of raised intrarenal pressures on an ex vivo animal model."

Congratulations, Anne!

The Keith Kirkland Award

This award is given to the best presentation of a study by a SET Urology Trainee in the Keith Kirkland and Villis Marshall session at the USANZ ASM. The study must have research endpoints with a direct clinical impact or related to individual patient care.

Congratulations to this year's recipient, Dr Bradley Reynolds!

Villis Marshall Award

This award is given to the best presentation of a study by a SET Urology Trainee in the Keith Kirkland and Villis Marshall session at the USANZ ASM. The study must have examined epidemiological, economic or basic science/translational content as the primary outcomes.

Congratulations to this year's recipient, Dr Bashar Matti!

Alban Gee Award

This is an award provided by USANZ for the best poster by a USANZ Members (including SET Urology Trainees) at the ASM.

Dr Jean O'Riordan was the winner of this year's award, with a poster presentation titled "Fluoroscopic images acquired during video urodynamics studies can successfully identify urethral diverticulum".

Low-Arnold Award in Female and Functional Urology

This award is presented to the person with the best podium or poster presentation in the field of Female or Functional Urology by a Full Member of USANZ.

Congratulations to Dr Sandra Elmer who received this award for presenting "Mesh-free surgical management of apical pelvic organ prolapse: A comparative study of vaginal sacrospinous fixation v robot assisted suture hysteropexy."

BAUS Trophy

This award was established in recognition of the Society's enduring relationship with the British Association of Urological Surgeons. It is for the best scientific podium presentation by a Full Member of USANZ.

Congratulations to Peter Chin who received this award for presenting "Varicoceles and iliac vein compression: Understanding aetiology and treatment failure".

AstraZeneca Platinum Trophy

Named in honour of the ASM Platinum Sponsor, the Platinum Trophy is awarded for the best endeavour presented at the ASM by a Full Member of USANZ. We thank AstraZeneca for their generous and ongoing support of the Society.

Congratulations to Professor Eric Chung, winner of the 2023 Platinum Trophy for his presentation on "A randomized, controlled trial on the role of PDE5i drug for penile rehabilitation in Peyronie's disease surgery: Clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction rate following penile plication surgery".

Best Oncology Presentation

A newly introduced award at the 2023 meeting, the recipient of the Best Oncology Presentation will be invited to deliver the inaugural USANZ Lecture at the ANZUP ASM. ANZUP is a successful clinical trial co-operative research group in Australia, and the Society is pleased to collaborate with their ongoing research.

Congratulations to Dr Jonathan O'Brien who received this award for a presentation on "Salvage prostatectomy following neoadjuvant radioligand therapy - prospective evidence of surgical difficulty from the LuTectony trial".


In addition to the USANZ Awards, the following ANZUNS Awards were presented at the meeting:

  • ANZUNS Best Paper Award
    Awarded to Kerry Santoro.
  • ANZUNS Most Innovative Paper Award
    Awarded to Rachel Oxford.
  • ANZUNS Best New Presenter Award
    Awarded to Lauren Chandler.
  • ANZUNS Nursing Professional Development Diamond Award
    Awarded to Jenni Milton.
  • ANZUNS Nursing Professional Development Emerald Award
    Awarded to Melissa Caruso, Samantha Mooy and Marinelle Doctor.


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