USANZ President’s Report on EAU23

On behalf of USANZ, I recently attended the 38th Annual EAU Congress in Milan from 10 – 13 March 2023.

The EAU successfully hosted over 10, 000 Delegates at their meeting. With over 600 million European citizens, it is certainly an impressive feat to organise an event of this scale for the urological community across Europe. It was noted that over 70 USANZ Members were in attendance; given the proximity of this event to our own ASM and that of SIU, this is evidence of our Members’ focus on continuing professional development and self-improvement.

In celebration of their 50th year, the EAU hosted a history session and awards ceremony which highlighted their evolution from a small, elite group to a globally influential urological force. One of the crucial steps in their development as an association was coming to an agreement on language, and the gutsy move to use English as the language for meetings and research outputs has proven to be one of the drivers of their global influence. The EAU also translates many of its research outputs including the patient information sheets which are available in up to 50 languages.

This meeting was an opportunity for the EAU to showcase the three pillars of their success: European Urology, their premium journal with the highest impact factor year upon year (currently 24.267); the European School of Urology; and the Guidelines. As our Members know, EAU Guidelines are superbly researched and highly regarded across the Urological curriculum.

I am pleased to share topics of discussion during meetings with the EAU Executive, including further involvement and mentorship opportunities for USANZ Members. The EAU is supportive of USANZ contributions to the development of guidelines, an impetus that is in no minor part due to the outstanding role that Jeremy Grummet has played in contributing to Prostate Cancer Guidelines over the last decade.

On behalf of the Society, I would like to congratulate Jeremy on the excellence of this work and the way he has promoted the academic and clinical standards of USANZ Members to a global audience. Jeremy’s participation was the result of personal endeavour rather than an EOI, emphasising his extraordinary initiative. He is currently working with USANZ as we consider the future of this role and potential for other Members to contribute their knowledge in the development of guidelines across any urological field. There will be an upcoming EOI sent to Members regarding the development of Prostate Cancer Guidelines, and the Society endeavours to foster further opportunities for Members. As indicated by James N’Dow, head of EAU Education and previous head of Guidelines, the EAU would be delighted for 5-6 USANZ Members to cultivate their abilities and contribute to the development of these resources.

USANZ Members may be aware of the European School of Urology courses that are offered to EAU Trainees. Over the last 10 years, the EAU has developed modular training including physical simulation activities throughout the curriculum. EAU Trainees progress through a series of modules on clinical knowledge and patient care, gradually moving to increasing levels of practical simulation depending upon the Trainee requirements – for example, the requirements of an office Urologist as opposed to full curriculum and subspecialty skill development.

I can report that the joint USANZ Session, The EAU Beyond Borders, was well received and attended – a particular achievement given the 10 concurrent sessions in that timeslot! Our GU Oncology contributors performed at the highest standard and harmonised well with the EAU team. Congratulations to Kamran Zargar, Dixon Woon, Renu Eapen, Aaron Hansen (GU Oncology Brisbane, as nominated by Ian Vela), Dickon Hayne and Paul Anderson on their input. The topic next year will rotate to other areas of our curriculum. 

A particular moment of pride came during a formal presentation in which a European Urologist showcased the USANZ ASM as the Gold Standard for gender representation and inclusivity. With USANZ being recognised for our efforts in this space, I believe it is important that we have reaffirmed our commitment to equal representation by signing the Panel Pledge.

On travelling home, I reflected on the juxtaposition between the current conflicts in Europe and the harmonious and collegial event that I attended; as an organisation, the EAU is not only at the medical forefront, but also an example of first-rate international diplomacy.

I look forward to next year’s meeting of the 39th Annual EAU Congress which will take place in Paris, France from 5 – 8 April 2024.


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