Bladder Cancer Awareness Month May 2023

During May, charities across the world will be working to promote Bladder Cancer Awareness Month. 

Bladder Cancer Australia Charity Foundation (BCACF) has developed two videos that are being shared in the media. USANZ Members are encouraged to watch and share with their colleagues and professional networks in order to spread awareness of this important campaign.

Awareness Campaigns

Video: Bladder Cancer Awareness - Single Dipstick Tests
This video encourages people to request a dipstick test if there is a change in their urine.

Video: Bladder Cancer Awareness Month - Early Detection!
This video emphasises the importance of early detection. If people notice blood in their urine, they are instructed to get a referral to see a Urologist.

Additional Resources

BCACF has developed booklets, posters, procedure sheets and other resources available to download for free and share. Access the resources.

Additionally, you can view the full list of awareness videos.

If you would like to donate to support this cause, you can do so on the BCACF Donations page.

For further information, visit: Bladder Cancer Australia Charity Foundation.

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