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USANZ at AUA Residents Bowl 2024

AUA will again host a Residents Bowl at its 2024 ASM. This team competition allows urology residents to test their knowledge of different subspecialties, the history of urology and important new research findings.

The USANZ Representative will be Dr Darius Ashrafi, a SET5 Trainee based in NSW, who will compete as part of one of the AUA Section Teams. This position comes with a $500 stipend from AUA.

USANZ encourages any Members who are involved with AUA 2024 to support Darius by attending the Preliminaries on Friday 3 May and - hopefully! - the semi-finals on Saturday 4 May then Championship on Sunday 5 May.

We are confident that Dr Ashrafi will be a wonderful ambassador for USANZ and will find the experience rewarding and stimulating. We wish him the best of luck for the competition!


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