USANZ in the Media: Surge in Prostate Cancer Cases

On 15 April 2024, USANZ produced a media release in response to a Lancet Commission report which found prostate cancer cases are set to double by 2040. That media release was bolstered by expert commentary from USANZ Member, Associate Professor Weranja Ranasinghe. A/Prof Ranasinghe is the Deputy Leader of the USANZ Genitourinary (GU) Oncology Special Advisory Group.

Media outlets have already shown considerable interest in this story and this interest seems set to continue in the coming weeks.

More than 100 AAP outlets throughout Australasia have now published a syndicated story in response to the media release, titled "'Get tested': How hip pain led to late cancer diagnosis". This article including references to USANZ and A/Prof Ranasinghe. See, for example, this article in the Canberra Times.

Sky News is expected to cover the story over the weekend.

USANZ will provide updates in future editions of UroNews as this coverage continues.

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